A big drama in PMCH. Declared dead alive

Patna. The News. Elections are being held in Bengal but big drama going on in Bihar. A bizarre and surprising incident took place at the prestigious PMCH hospital in Patna today. The PMCH declared a Badh resident Chunu Kumar dead from Corona. His death certificate was made and given to Chunu’s wife, Kavita Devi, as the corpse of the dead person from Corona is completely wrapped in cloth or polythene. Therefore, it was not known at that time whether the deceased was Chunu Kumar or others.

Today at 11 o’clock in the day, the incident of Chunu’s death was reported by the PMCH and said that he has to be taken directly to the crematorium. After the instructions of the hospital, Chunu Kumar’s body was brought to the Bansghat electrical corpse. When Chunu was being taken to the machine for burning, Chunu’s wife Kavita Devi insisted on seeing the dead body. According to the allegation, 150 was given to see the body of the dead body and then the mouth of the body was shown. Kavita Devi stunned as soon as she saw her face. The corpse belonged to someone else. Later, Kavita’s family did not accepted the corpse and went straight to PMCH. Chunu Kumar was found alive there. Now happiness is on one side and mourn on the other side. The PMCH has retrieved the deceased from the crematorium.

Kavita Devi husband Chuni Kumar was admitted to PMCH on Friday due to brain haemorrhage. On Saturday, Chunu was declared Corona positive. Chunu was declared dead by the hospital at 11 am on Sunday and given death certificate.