Now transgenders will control the crime in Bihar. Nitish government going to appoint transgender.

Patna. The News (Vidrohi). Bihar government has given the green signal to restore transgender / eunuchs in the police department. These transgenders will now redeem the notorious Baahubali and dreaded criminals. The Home Department of the Government of Bihar has also issued a notification in this regard. The notification issued translates transgender as kinnar and eunuch. Therefore, the word eunuch is being used here to reach out to the wider audience. According to the 2011 census, the number of transgenders in Bihar was 40827. On the basis of this data, 10 under inspectors and 41 soldiers/sipahi in Bihar Police will be selected from transgender ie eunuch society.

It is to be known that the criminals are very high in Bihar these days. Their morale is up. Recently, Indigo Airlines station manager Rupesh Kumar Singh was shot and killed. He was a resident of Jalalpur village of Chhapra. Recently the incident of rape of many girls has come up in the province. In the last assembly election, the NDA had polarized in its favor keeping the previous RJD government in front. In the election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi compared the previous RJD government to Jungle Raj. Without naming Tejashwi, he was named the crown prince of the jungle raj. But recently, fear of criminals is missing in Bihar. If the morale of the criminals is not crushed, then the BJP and JDU may have to suffer heavy losses in any upcoming election. Panchayat elections are over the head.
On January 15, 2021, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was very much disgraced on the issue of crime. He was questioned by journalists on a rising crime graph. There was a lot of tension between the journalists and Nitish. Nitish Kumar had never had such gritty in the last 15 years. It is to be known that Bihar’s legal system has been an important issue in the overthrow of the RJD government. The reform of law and order is an important link in forming the NDA government headed by Nitish. If law and order is poor, then the Nitish government can come on the target of the people of the state. How today Bihar government has issued an order for the recruitment of transgender / hijras.