Big bargaining going on between BJP and JDU over ministerial berth.

Patna. The News. In Bihar, a check is being played between the BJP and JDU over cabinet expansion. This time the BJP does not want to be dwarfed in front of Nitish Kumar with 43 seats and BJP itself with 74 seats. But the JDU is trying to weigh the BJP on par.
Namo-Nadda-Shah’s trio has already sent a message to Nitish Bhakta BJP leaders. Sushil Kumar Modi, Prem Kumar and Nand Kishore Yadav were kept out from ministerial berth. A senior BJP leader said that ‘Sabka Vikas’ is the party’s agenda. In such a situation, why only special leaders will continue to be part of the cabinet. That senior leader says that Tar Kishore Prasad, Renu Devi is also working at a fast pace. Sushil Kumar Modi, however, reached the Rajya Sabha with his lethal policy, but leaders like Prem Kumar, Nand Kishore Yadav, Ram Narayan Mandal and Pramod Kumar Kumar kept aside. Many former ministers are missing in the darkness of anonymity within two months. Many former ministers go to the state BJP office but do not take any notice. Such leaders say to the driver, Chal Bhai, work done and return with long face. Although the top leaders of the BJP trusted everyone but they could not increase their stature among all the people.

Sources reveal that there is a rift between BJP and JDU over some departments. The life of JDU resides in the general administration. Control of all IAS and IPS is done through this department. These officers repay the loan at the time of election. Nitish Kumar will not let this department go under his hand under any circumstances. Before the election, the party strategists had cried sadly to the BJP strategist that Nitish does not listen to us. JDU leaders have to be recommended to get the work done. Bihar in-charge Bhupendra Yadav is aware of such complaints. So the BJP wants to keep the general administration this time. One of leader said BJP fulfilled his promise to give CM post to Nitish Kumar. Past, BJP supporters were beaten up at the time of immersion of the idol in Munger during the election. Since Nitish was at the helm of the administration, the BJP workers remained silent. After all, what happened to the Munger case ? There has always been a game of taking votes by making the people a pawn.
Keeping in mind its support base, BJP has prepared a new list. BJP has to work on many agendas in the coming times. To convey the message of harmony among the minorities. To keep everyone happy on matters like NRC, CAA, one country one election. In such a situation, former Union Minister Shahnawaz Hussain will work as a defender for BJP. So Shahnawaz Hussain is set to become a minister. The path of the Legislative Council has been made for them. BJP has won strongly in Darbhanga and Madhubani. Hence the former Chief Minister late Jaganath Mishra’s son Nitish Mishra can be made a minister. He has a good understanding of economics. The capital, Patna has been a BJP stronghold. In such a situation, one can be made a minister either Sanjeev Chaurasia or Nitin Nabin. Representation can be seen from Saran and Gopalganj. On the other hand, Shravan Kumar will become a minister on behalf of JDU.