Thekedar of Gujrat and labourers of other states digging in Bihar!

Patna. The News. (Vidrohi). Bihar appears to be very generous in providing employment to people from other states including Gujarat! These days, the work of constructing drainage / sewerage is going on in the streets and Mohalla of the capital. In many localities, the contract for these works has been awarded to one of Patel contractor of Gujarat. These contractors are bringing laborers from Madhya Pradesh on a tractor. The workers of Jhabua are digging the road and laying pipes.

It may be noted that in the recent assembly elections in Bihar, the NDA has promised to provide 19 lakh employment opportunities to Biharies. RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav promised 10 lakh government jobs. Tejashwi was the first to include Job’s agenda in his election campaign. The issue was so dominated that the Nitish-led NDA promised 19 lakh jobs in the state. The BJP in its manifesto promised 19 lakh jobs. The public believed in the BJP’s promise. There is also the slogan of the BJP that if there is BJP, there is trust. But Bihar has opened the door to Gujarat. Good thing, but without taking care of Biharis how will the promise of 19 lakhs jobs be fulfilled. Gujrat tycoon building airport, port etc. Now they have jumped in Bihar to build sewerage bringing their own labour. Bihar is a backward state. Here labour wandering for jobs. Now bow the promise will be fulfilled of NDA.

Keep in mind the central government has made labor laws quite flexible. If you get your job, then the union and labor laws standing with you will tease you. Instead of 29 laws, four laws are being made. Here is new code:

  1. The Code of Social Security 2020
  2. The Code of Wedges 2019
  3. The Industrial Relations Code 2020
  4. The Occupational Safety Health and Working Condition Code 2020
  5. Instead, all the laws below are dying. Many important laws have been omitted.
  6. The Factory Act 1948 The Working Journalists Act 1958 The Contract Labor Act 1970 The Payment and Wages Act 1936 Minimum Wages Act 1948 Payment of bonus act Employee Compassion Act The Organized Labor Social Security Act 2008. etc.