A Bihari becomes Army officer from washerman. Student of Chhapra joins as washerman in Army and rise to Lieutenant.

Patna. The News. ( Vidrohi). If there is passion in the heart, then the higher dream can be achieved, provided a right guide is available to shape you. One such inspiring true story of Santosh Kumar Rai draws attention. As every Bihari has hunger to get job, Santosh applied for washerman in Army. In the year 2014, he was appointed on the post of washerman( Dhobi) in Army. He got his first posting in Kashmir in 2014 in Artillery unit. Sources says, Santosh was fortunate that a Bihari fellow Colonel Pravin Kumar was Commanding officer of the unit. Colonel Praveen Kumar took interview of Santosh Kumar. In meanwhile Colonel Praveen came to know that Santosh is a graduate in commerce . Santosh’s academic record was also good. Then Praveen started guiding him f to become officer. Recently Santosh has become a lieutenant officer in the army. Got first posting as officer in Rajasthan.

Infact Santosh is worthy of thanks for achieving this position, but Praveen Kumar’s contribution is also commendable and remarkable.