Bihar: NDA government longevity depends on next Cabinet expansion!

Patna.The News (Vidrohi). The culmination of the ongoing Cold War between BJP and JDU depends to a large extent on Nitish Kumar’s next cabinet expansion. Cabinet expansion will largely determine the longevity life of the Nitish government. At the same time, the future of the NDA government seems to be hinged on cabinet expansions.

At present, there are 14 ministers in the cabinet of Chief Minister Nitish. A minister of Nitish had already succumbed to corruption. According to the filtered news coming from the sources, Nitish is asking for an equal stake in the cabinet. This is also a reason for the rift between BJP and JDU. BJP has 74 MLAs while Nitish has 43 MLAs. In such a situation, if Nitish convinces BJP on equal share, it will be his big victory. But it will be clear message among the public that Nitish succeeded in bending the BJP. Therefore, a check is being played between BJP and JDU. If Nitish agrees with the BJP at a lower stake, then the message will be strengthened if the double engine government goes in one direction.
JDU is already mourning the separation of its MLAs in Arunachal Pradesh. It is JDU’s strong bargaining weapon for mourning cabinet expansion. On the other hand, Nitish’s colleague Jitan Ram Manjhi has started playing different duffle. He needs another minister. Thus there is tremendous pressure on the BJP. The entire BJP including Prime Minister Narendra Modi is upset due to the farmers’ movement in the country. Such an environment is an advantage for BJP’s allies. For BJP strategist Bhupendra Yadav, this is the test hour. On several occasions, Bhupendra Yadav has found a suitable way for the BJP but seems to be surrounded by the prevailing circumstances. Today is the day of January 7, which is saying this. BJP appeared surrender today. On one hand, Bhupendra Yadav’s stature has been bigger than the RCP but today he had to go to the RCP’s office for talks. After this, a huge BJP team went to the Chief Minister’s residence. There was discussion on cabinet expansion today. But the number was not revealed. Nitish’s specialty is that despite the low base of votes, Lalu and the world’s largest party BJP have been dancing with the BJP.

Nitish drove Lalu and Tejashwi with 71 seats when Nitish was in the Grand Alliance. Now 74 MLAs with 43 seats are keeping the BJP tight. Even though both parties call for alliance religion. Political circumstances have been with Nitish.