Bihar:All is not well in NDA government.

Patna. The News ( Vidrohi). After Bihar Assembly election, the NDA government led by Nitish with just 3 seats more than the absolute majority was formed, but there is no celebratory atmosphere nor enthusiasm to pull the government for 5 years in the state. Both BJP and JDU are engaged in resolving mutual problems. Today, in the meeting of the State Council and Executive of JDU, some leaders of JDU have blamed BJP for falling behind in the assembly elections. JDU leaders are blaming BJP for defeat . But the JDU should churn that there was a strong anti-incumbency against it. It got 43 seats due to his stay with the BJP, otherwise he would have been upset if he contested the elections alone. Prior to the election, BJP leaders received input that Nitish might face anti-incumbency but top BJP leaders decided to contest under Nitish’s leadership.

JDU leader Bogo Singh clearly says that his party has lost due to BJP, but his leader Mandal also says that BJP lost in Bhagalpur because of us. It is clear that JDU’s defeat in certain places is due to LJP but it is also to be seen that JDU has an important role in ousting LJP from NDA in Bihar. LJP offered mere 15 seats. In such a situation, what could JDU expect from LJP? JDU has set fire in the hut built by Ramvilas Paswan in NDA. This is reality. Today the JDU Rajya Sabha met to reflect on the defeat. There will be a meeting of the party executive on Sunday. On the other hand, BJP’s training camp is being held in Nitish Kumar’s home distric.

Senior leaders including National Organization Minister BL Santosh, Bihar in-charge Bhupendra Yadav are present in the BJP’s training camp held in Rajgir. Leaders trained from here will train BJP MPs and MLAs in all districts. That means BJP is in readiness. However, JDU forget that it is the former JDU. JDU is the weakest of 15 years. Only then will the government of double engines run gallop. Otherwise, a spark emanating from the tension of both can put Bihar in the mid-term elections.