Bihar will get it’s old glory

Patna . The News. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar attended the program organized on 109th Bihar Day at Gyan Bhavan through video conferencing. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, while addressing the program through video conferencing, said that on the occasion of 109th Bihar Day, I congratulate all the people of Bihar. On this occasion many things related to the pride of Bihar have been briefly discussed by all the speakers. He said that ever since we got a chance to work in Bihar, we started a detailed discussion to celebrate Bihar Day. The British notified Bihar as a separate province on 22 March 2012. Based on this, we decided to celebrate Bihar Day on 22 March. In the year 2010, we started the program by celebrating the grand Bihar Day at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. In the year 2012, on the completion of 100 years, Bihar Day was organized in a special way. He said that Bihar has a glorious history, it is a land of knowledge. Bihar has developed a lot in the past. Patna, which was earlier called Pataliputra, ruled a very large area from here. The responsibility of organizing Bihar Day has been given to the Education Department. The education department has an important role in educating people, making them knowledgeable. The purpose of celebrating Bihar Day is to take Bihar forward and develop Bihar. All the people should have increased confidence, all of them with the help of love and mutual brotherhood, take Bihar forward. Bihar day is being celebrated in the country as well as outside the country. Respected President and Prime Minister have congratulated the people of Bihar on the occasion of Bihar Day. We thank them for this. He said that the programs of the first Bihar Day have been organized in a grand manner and people have been honoured on this occasion but due to Corona, the event was not organized last year. This time we are celebrating Bihar Day through video conferencing. Bihar is the land of knowledge and salvation. The aim of all of us is to have all children – girls educated. Only when all people are educated, Bihar will again achieve a glorious history, Bihar will move forward again and the country will also move forward. We started the dress and cycle scheme for girls to read. The population of the state is increasing, the area is limited. To reduce the fertility rate in the state, it is necessary to educate girls. Higher Secondary School is being established in every Gram Panchayat for the study of plus-2. The participation of boys and girls in matriculation examination is now equal. The Chief Minister said that if we all try together, we will once again regain the glorious history of Bihar and restore our identity with Bihar in the country and the whole world. He said that many works have been done in the field of health. Roads, bridges – culverts have been constructed. A plan is being made to construct a bypass within the cities. People are being trained through technology.

Many works have also been done in the field of administrative reforms. People are getting comfortable with the Right to Public Service Act. The grievances of the people are being redressed through the Public Grievance Redressal Rights Act. The Chief Minister said that he congratulated the Education Department for the theme of water-life-greenery on the occasion of Bihar Day. On 13 July 2019 for environment protection, a meeting was held with all MLAs and MLAs in which it was decided to carry out a water-life-greening campaign. Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali Abhiyan means water and greenery, only then life is safe. 11 ingredients have been included under this campaign. There are seven schemes related to water conservation, one scheme from plantation, one scheme from weather friendly agriculture, one plan from solar energy and one plan to awaken the people towards this campaign. The Chief Minister said that 16,229 water sources, ponds, ahars, pines have been encroached free of cost under the Jal-Jeevan-Hariyali campaign. 8,426 ponds up to 6 acres, 696 ponds larger than 5 acres, 17,917 ahars, renovated pines and 10,169 public wells have been renovated. 13,802 wells and 1 lakh 7 thousand 500 adsorption have been constructed near the wells. 8,588 check dam structures have been constructed in small rivers and hilly areas. 12,101 new water sources were constructed. The work of Ganga Jal Uddhav Yojana is being done at a rapid pace. Roofing rainwater harvesting structures have been constructed in 14,136 government buildings. A target of 2 crore 1 lakh plantations was set from 5 June 2020 to 9 August, but more than 3 crore 90 lakh trees were planted. Solar energy plants have been installed at 941 government buildings. Discussions are also held outside the country regarding the work being done in Bihar. Discussions were also held in the United Nations. I also got an opportunity to speak through video conferencing of the work being done under water-life-greening campaign on environment protection at a high level round table conference on 24 September 2020. Prime Ministers of many countries also participated in this conference. We keep doing our work and do not preach. The Chief Minister said that Ganga water will be made available as pure drinking water in all the houses in Bodh Gaya, Gaya, Rajgir and Nawada under the Ganga Jal Uawah Scheme. Weather friendly agricultural work is being encouraged. It has been started from 8 districts of Bihar. Now it is being worked on by employing experts in all the districts. Work is being done for crop residue management. Works are being done to promote solar energy. On the first Tuesday of every month, the latest situation regarding water-life-greenery is discussed. Livelihood groups are also being given the responsibility of looking at the ponds and ponds. He said that it is important to discuss Bapu on Bihar Day. Bapu said that my life is my message. If 10 to 15 percent of the people adopt Bapu’s ideas, then Bihar will also move forward and the country will also move forward. Bapu came to Bihar in the year 1917 and the country became independent only after 30 years. Bapu wanted liquor prohibition, prohibition. On the demand of women, we implemented prohibition in the state. Everyone has to be conscious about prohibition, because some wrong people are engaged. Today is being celebrated as International Water Conservation Day and we are celebrating Bihar Day. We are working to conserve water and increase greenery. When Jharkhand was separated from Bihar, the green cover of Bihar was 9 percent. Hariyali Mission was launched in the year 2012. Target to plant 24 million saplings
Out of which 19 crore saplings were planted. Now the green cover of the state has increased to more than 15 percent. The Chief Minister said that the state songs should be sung in all government programs so that a sense of respect for Bihar should be created in everyone’s mind. The Chief Minister said that the corona is growing rapidly in many countries and in some states of the country. Corona cases have increased a bit here too. We all need to be more vigilant in view of Holi. We appeal that everyone be alert and alert about Corona. Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary welcomed the Chief Minister by presenting him with a logo. The program was also addressed by Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad, Deputy Chief Minister Smt Renu Devi, Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary, Additional Chief Secretary, Education Sanjay Kumar. The program was attended by the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Deepak Kumar, Chief Minister’s Principal Secretary Chanchal Kumar, Chief Minister’s Secretary Manish Kumar Verma, Chief Minister’s Secretary Anupam Kumar, while public representatives from the districts through video conferencing, Chief Secretary Mr. Arun Kumar Singh , Development Commissioner Aamir Shotani, State Project Director Sanjay Singh and other officials of the Education Department, Divisional Commissioners, District Magistrates of all districts, other officials, teachers, students, livelihoods and other dignitaries were attached.