China has captured Srilankan port. Time to isolate China

New Delhi ( The News). China is behaving like Superpower after spreading Covid-19 worldwide. As the virus killing more and more people of America, Italy, India, Russia, Britain, Canada, France, Brazil etc China makes his posture aggressive and dominate. China has no repentance what covid-19 causing to world. Twenty Indian soldiers have been martyred in Galvan valley on 15 th of June 2020 only for Chinese mischief. This is not the first incident of China in Corona virus period. Prior this mischief China has sanked Vietnamese boat as well as harrased Malaysian oil rig operations. Sources say, China has captured one of port of Srilanka just not repaying debts in time. China also warning the countries who are soft to America,Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and India too. Recently China warned Taiwan and Hong Kong . Infact China afraid of America. President Donald Trump is in favour of investigation of covid-19 origin. One who is supporting the investigation China goes against the countries. India too in favour of investigation. Now it is left on America, India, Britain, France and other powerful countries how tackle the China. It is clear China has no sentiments for people. America has offered India to come in group 7 countries. G 7 countries like America, Uk, Italy, France, Germany, Japan and Canada are too strong to give a lesson to China. If India joins the group China will be blocked diplomatically on ground level. So China is in a fix. Although in present circumstances war is not solution. War should be avoided. But China provoking for war. China teasing his most trusty, worthy neighbour India. If war imposed China will be responsible in eyes of whole world.