It’s a beginning of downfall of glorious Nitish era!

Patna. The News. ( Vidrohi). The dawnfall of glorious Nitish era begins from Bihar assembly elections result 2020. To protect the party from division all equations are being applied. JDU has replaced Umesh Kushwaha as its state president in place of Vashistha Narayan Singh. Prior to this, RCP Singh was made the national president of the party. In this way, the clear impression of Kurmi-Kushwaha has fallen on JDU. Nitish has laid siege to the Lav-Kush equation. But this narrow move by JDU will affect Nitish’s liberal image. Just as the RJD could not remove the impression of a particular Yadav class, in the same way, the Kurmi Kushwaha has got a deep impression on the JDU. Who will benefit from this coup gimmick idea, JDU will have to think on it.

Connoisseurs such as Bijendra Yadav, Lalan Singh, Jay kumar Singh, Sanjay Jha are present in JDU but Umesh Kushwaha was not trusted in all these. This move of JDU also shows that Nitish has suffered a setback after the defeat in the assembly elections. In the party’s national executive meeting Nitish has said, he could not identify who is friend and who is his enemy. In the latest move of JDU the upper caste who are associated with JDU may be inclined towards BJP. By making Umesh Kushwaha the state president of JDU, Nitish has increased the distance of Upendra Kushwaha. Upendra Kushwaha was more beneficial to Nitish but changes within the party did not favour Upendra. The JDU may be throwing traps under the new strategy. On the other hand, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav has increased activities. Tejashwi has whipped Nitish fiercely. Nitish has been called the biggest bargainer. It is also said that Nitish has cheated. With this, Tejashwi will not go with JDU this time. But it is also worth noting that Nitish Kumar is a keen player in politics and has a knack of winning even in many odd circumstances.