Japanese youth keen to work for super 30

Japanese youth meeting to Anand Kumar

Japanese youth meet Anand, keen to work for Super 30
Patna ( The News). Three Japanese youths have come to globally acclaimed Super 30 to not only meet its founder Anand Kumar, but to be a part of it and get involved with teaching. 
Having heard a lot about Super 30, as Anand Kumar has been quite popular in Japan, the three-member team led by Kotaro Fukuoka, a graduate from University of Tokyo, met the mathematician and expressed their desire to work with the famed institution and be part of the mentoring process. Other members include Tatauya and Riku. 
“It was a pleasant surprise to see the three Japanese you so much interested in working with Super 30. I think it will be good for the students also, as they will get international exposure here in Patna. I am looking forward to their engagement with us,” Anand said.
In the past, many persons, including some graduates from the IIT and some of the old students of Super 30, also spent time with the students to teach them and also share their journey to the top Indian institution.

Earlier, Japan’s famous media group Asahi Shinbum had also selected Super 30 among world’s top three pioneering initiatives in the field of education. The other two were Japan’s educational club and France’s reading and writing club.

Yoichi Itoh, Chief Economist, STB Research Institute, Japan was the first to make a film on Super 30 for NHK Channel. NHK’s Producer Emiko Amagawa came here in 2007 to make an hour-long documentary on Anand and his school. Japanese TV channel Kansai Telecasting Corporation’s director Yuta Amma had described Anand as a ‘true role model’. 

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