Karni Sena attacked on whole Bihari! Madhubani captured by ‘Nadirshah’

Patna. The News. Vidrohi. The Rajput Karni Sena has captured Madhubani for time being intruding in Bihar. In the Mughal period, the feudatories used to invade a region. All this is happening under Nitish Raj. A black blog on Nitish era history. On 9 th April, the Rajput Karni Sena came to Bihar to bring justice to the victims of the Madhubani incident. After coming to Patna, its president Mahipal Singh Makrana threatened to pull BJP leader Prof. Nawal Yadav’s tongue. After that the army caravan left for Madhubani. Talking to reporters here, Karni Sena leaders talked about providing all possible help to the victim’s family, but Madhubani went on attacked. Like an invader, Madhubani tragedy caused havoc in the village of the accused. Burn the houses of innocent people. His motive was not to wipe the tears of the aggrieved family but to burnish the Nitish government of the state. There was a direct attack on Nitish’s rule.

Nitish Sarkar left no stone unturned to take action against the accused in the Madhubani incident. The main accused Praveen Jha has also been arrested. FIRs have also been filed with Praveen Jha along with 13 Rajputs. Many were jailed. All the class accused have been arrested on the statement of the victim’s family. According to the statement of the victim’s family it should not be given an ethnic colour. Despite this, the Karni Sena has systematically attacked the Nitish government. On the lines of Karni Sena, all the caste based organizations will now come down on Sena attidude. So will Nitish allow all the ethnic organizations to do this, now Nitish Kumar will have to implement a policy on Sena line. Since the matter is of vote bank. So all the people are stitched and inside they are promoting the Karni army. Clear message, Nadir Shah has again invaded India. The News strongly condemn all type of aggression, crime. We believe in universal brotherhood.