People are helpless. System paralyzed. Ruling leaders only on press release

Patna. The News. Vidrohi. Covid-19 has hurt the entire country. If there was a chance to arrange facilities for vividh patients then the NDA government was busy in forming the government in the states. Held election meetings. Build luxurious iron pavilions for the meetings. But in the meantime, Corona showed a rash look while the government show its teeth. The Bihar government today has plans for the corona victims. Under this scheme, the victim will be given oxygen, ventilator, bed, room and all facilities. If the victim dies, the government will also arrange for his last visit. But for now there is no concrete arrangement. Beds are not available. The doors of hospitals are closed for recruitment. Meanwhile, hundreds will die due to lack of facilities. Dreams are shown like electoral promises.

Alam is that private institutions have stopped the RTPCR investigation. Meaning the number of positives will be reduced. Will not be admitted to hospitals. Drug stores and private hospitals are being looted heavily. An ordinary person cannot even do X-rays. The security screening lab is performing x-rays of the same patients who are negative. That is, to perform an x-ray to an ordinary person, first the corona has to be checked, while the security stopped due to the kiron probe today. Is fiercely arbitrary. The drugstores are cutting silver a lot. Earlier, they used to give discounts. Now band it. The work of sucking the blood of the public is being done.

The state government has today taken some important decisions to protect against Corona:

The state government has decided to impose evening curfew in entire Bihar after 6 pm. Right now there is a night curfew from 9 o’clock in the morning. But now TV will be a night curfew from 4 o’clock. All shops will be open till 6 pm. The state government has also reduced the number of people regarding marriage. Now only 50 people will be able to attend the wedding. Till now 100 people were allowed to attend the wedding. At the same time, only 25 people will be allowed to attend Shraddh. At the same time, only 20 people will be able to attend the funeral. Only 25 percent of the employees in government or non-government offices will come to work in a day. Government employees will be asked for work from home. All government non-government offices will be closed by 4 pm. Public transport will run under 50 percent capacity. That is, only half the people will be able to sit on buses, autos etc. The restaurant will be open till 9 o’clock in the night. But sitting there will not be allowed to eat. People will be able to pack food and take it away. Home delivery will also continue till 9 o’clock in the night.

The state government will conduct the last rites of all the dead people from Kovid at their own expense. This includes people whose test came negative but they had symptoms of Kovid. All the treatment will be done after assessing the condition of 3 lakh corona patients. Beds, oxygen, ventilators, ICUs will be arranged for them. Doctor and para medical staff will be arranged for them. He will also be admitted to the hospital with symptoms of Kovid. Arrangements will be made for their treatment even if their Kovid test has come negative. It will be ensured that patients can easily get Remedisvir and other medicines. An ambulance will be hired at the district level in view of the increasing infection. Like last year, Muzaffarpur Temporary Covid Hospital will be built in