Bihar warns not to prescribe Remdesivir injection. WHO against Remdesivir. Other injections are in same path

Patna. The News (Vidrohi). Bihar Government has warned to all doctors for not prescribing Remdesivir injection for covid-19 patients.These days black marketing is also being done for injection. Doctors hand out prescriptions for injections but you do not get injections in market. Meanwhile, the influential people arrange the injection by paying the huge price for it.
Meanwhile, big news has come from the government of Bihar. NMCH, the capital’s largest Kovid hospital, has issued an order certifying people to stay away from remdesivir. All doctors in Bihar have been advised not to prescribe the remdesevir injections. The copy of the order also states that the WHO has rejected this remdesevir. It is believed that a similar order will be issued for other covid injections soon.