Tolerance is the essence of happy living:Anand Kumar. Bihar talent booms in global arena.

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Dubai/ Patna ( The News). Bihar joins the nation in the path of ‘Vishwa Guru’. Mathematician Anand Kumar advocates the mantras of true life in Dubai at the global platform.

Super 30 founder Anand Kumar says that tolerance is the essence of happy living. “It comes with an Educated and enlightened mind, which teaches us to adjust and adapt,” he added

He was speaking at the Global Tolerance Summit in Dubai.
Kumar said that tolerance requires a lot of inner strength and conviction, while Intolerance requires just anger, which anyone can have. “It is education that which teaches is to be tolerant, which requires one to be gracious and arge-hearted. It needs inner strength and conviction, which develop with education,” he added.

Anand said that an education mind can get intolerant only against injustices, viz. poverty, hunger, malnutrition, illiteracy, destruction and above all, growing intolerance for needs that justify any logic,” he added.
Maintaining that education is the only weapon to make the world a better place, as it alone has the power to illuminate minds, Anand said it was important as it taught life skills and was capable of bringing generational change of the underprivileged sections of the society.

“Today, the world is witnessing growing instances of intolerance, with countries engaged in fights, terrorism becoming a threat bigger than wars and nations engaged in finding a way out of it through greater intolerance. Where it will all lead to? The problem is that the world is becoming escapist, as it does not want to deal with real issues but goes in for shortcuts. At the core of the growing spate of intolerance remain the basic issues of poverty, hunger, malnutrition, illiteracy etc. If the world gets intolerant to the basic issues, it will unite to fight them and build a better world. The Indian philosophy talks about ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. It is a Sanskrit phrase, which means “the world is one family”. The distinction ‘This person is mine, and this one is not’ is made only by the narrow-minded and ignorant people, said the ancient sages, who were repository of knowledge. They believed in one God and hence treated all the people part of one family,” he added.

Anand said, education and tolerance are inter-related. “With knowledge, one becomes more understanding and begins to view everything with logic. It strengthens society by building democratic values, respect for fellow human beings, removing any room for discrimination and reducing trust deficit. What is more, it provides every individual the opportunity to lead a decent life, leaving little time and scope for negative thinking,” he added.

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