Nitish new move draws new twist in politics

Patna.The News. (Vidrohi).Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar made RCP Singh the president of Janta Dal United ( JDU) by throwing a new dice in the political arena after finishing third in terms of seats in the recent assembly elections of Bihar. Many will be targeted with this arrow of Nitish! Till now RCP was JDU’s national organization general secretary and today became the party’s national president. This organizational reshuffle of JDU has many meanings but the final bet will remain with Nitish. Nitish’s new move is indicating that many political happenings are going to take place in the state’s politics. With the latest move, the message has been given that Nitish Kumar will now fully focus on the government and the responsibility of watching the party’s nalis and tantrums has gone to RCP. It can also be deduced that Nitish Kumar resigned as the national president, taking the responsibility of the party’s defeat in the recent election. This is a clear and simple message. But in the opinion of political analysts, Nitish has hit many targets with one of his arrow. Firstly, RCPs are now tied up in Bihar politics. The doors to join the central government were closed for him. How will the national president of the party become a minister at the center.! Actually the head of the RCP has been kept a crown full of thorns. In such a situation, the RCP has been crowned as the President when the organization is weakening and the RJD is growing. This is the exam timer for RCP. Indeed, if the RCP overcomes this challenge, his stature will be equivalent to Nitish ir more than him.

Nitish Kumar’s latest move is an eye opening to ally BJP too. Given the indications that are being received, there is no all is well between BJP and JDU. Whether it is a matter of cabinet expansion or the choice of making a minister, now Nitish is not comfortable as earlier. Recently Nitish Kumar says that no proposal has come from BJP to make him a minister. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar ran the government on his own for the last 15 years, but now the political situation is not so strong that it can run at the last pace.
Showing a big heart, the BJP gave him the crown of CM. Whereas BJP has much more strength in the assembly than JDU. BJP has 74 MLAs while JDU has 43 MLAs. Under the new plan, JDU trying to be strong. Nitish has attracted the only BSP MLA with him through his efforts. With this latest move by Nitish, it is also estimated that all the political move in the state will give name to RCP. Nitish has separated himself from all these things. According to analysts, another meaning is being applied to Nitish’s latest move. Means, when the time comes, Nitish can leave the throne and join the central government or the BJP may offer some other top post to him. But after all Nitish will care the Bihar interest first.