Samastipur Loksabha by-election on 21 October with 5 assembly by-election.

Patna ( The News). Now the the semi final of Bihar Vidhansabha election 2020 is going to be held on 21 October 2019. Election Commission has announced the date.Schedule for bye-elections to fill casual vacancy in the
Parliamentary Constituency & State Legislative Assemblies of
various States/UTs– Regarding.
There is one clear vacancy in the 23-Samastipur (SC)
Parliamentary Constituency of Bihar & Sixty-Four vacancies in State
Legislative Assemblies of various States/ UTs which needs to be filled up are
as follows:
Sl. No. State Number & Name of Parliamentary
1. Bihar 23- Samastipur (SC)
Sl.No. Name of State Number and Name of Assembly
1. Arunachal Pradesh 56-Khonsa (West)(ST)
2. Assam 1-Ratabari (SC)
3. Assam 44-Jania
4. Assam 74-Rangapara
5. Assam 106-Sonari
6. Bihar 54-Kishanganj
7. Bihar 76-Simri Bakhtiarpur
8. Bihar 109-Daraunda
9. Bihar 158-Nathnagar
10. Bihar 163-Belhar

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