LJP trying a new look to party to fight with Nitish Kumar

Patna.The News. ( Vidrohi). LJP, which has been going through a turmoil since the time of Bihar Vidhan Sabha elections, is now in search of a new form. Trying to give new look to organisation to fight Nitish Kumar in all front. Party President Chirag Paswan has been busy giving a new face to the party . Those who are not paying attention to the party are being asked to clear the situation immediately by sending notices. Recently, the only MLA of the party, Raj Kumar Singh, stood in favour to make JDU candidate Maheshwar Hazari as the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. LJP supremo immediately served notice. Later Rajkumar Singh replied that all this happened under dilemma. Chirag was satisfied.

In the latest case, notice has been issued quoting LJP Principal General Secretary Abdul Khalik. Now days show-cause notice has been issued to the candidates who did not attend the meeting. 135 candidates were called in the meeting, in which 14 candidates did not attend. The name of the other 6 candidates who could not come is not in this list because they had already given the reason for not coming. Earlier, the party has also sent a show cause notice to its MLA Raj Kumar Singh, whose reply The MLA has said that I was asked in the election of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly held a few days ago, to vote for the NDA, this time also. I will be in touch so that there is no further confusion. Raju Tiwari and Sanjay Paswan were seen last days along with Sanjay Sanjay Singh and Sanjay Ravidas were given important responsibilities.

Except LJP, all those who have gone out or formed their own party are talking about returning home. Dr. Satyanand Sharma is among the leaders close to Ram Vilas Paswan. Ram Vilas Paswan made Satyanand Sharma the national general secretary of the LJP. At one time Satyanand used to be LJP’s lieutenant, but later he left LJP and formed a separate party called LJP Secular. There is talk of Satyananda’s return to the LJP with honors. The main focus of the LJP is to create a new equation of the upper caste-dalit.